School Streets Ottawa and the Transportation Management Plan

Some important events have been taking place at Ottawa city hall in the spring of 2023. On April 17th the Transportation Committee sat to vote on the draft Transportation Management Plan, its last stop for any amendments before going to city council on April 26. Why is this important? This is the policy guidance document on how Ottawa will prioritize transportation infrastructure priorities for the next 23 years, including equitable and active options to move around our communities such as to grocery stores, libraries, work, and schools. It is important that the city gets this right, which is why School Streets was there to make a delegation.

TL;DR: School Streets receive mention in the TMP as a possibility to be considered or piloted, however there is a lack of commitment in funding and programming. SSO’s call to action: lead in its commitment to school active transportation to include funding, infra renewal priorities, and an enduring programme.

Below is a transcript of SSO’s delegation to Transportation Committee on April 17th. Or you can view us under the Events and Media tab here.

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